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Landlord Insurance

What Is It?

Landlord insurance is designed for property owners or managers who have renters. They need insurance to cover the property damages that are inflicted by renters. The policy includes coverage for damages made to the building and its contents, which includes thefts, fires, floods, and natural disasters. However, this does not include coverage of the tenants’ belongings.

How the Coverage Works

People who rent out their homes will need landlord insurance that provides comprehensive protection. A rented property is more of a business than a private residence. There are additional risks for renting that are not covered under a standard homeowner’s insurance policy.

When it’s time to file a claim, the policyholder can choose between the actual cash value or the replacement value. Actual cash value is the current price of the item that includes depreciation. Landlords can reduce the costs of their premiums by increasing the safety of their buildings. They can install safety features like security cameras, floodlights, and advanced door locks. If any theft or vandalism occurs, the safe-minded landlords are guaranteed to be reimbursed.

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Types of Coverage

Liability insurance protects the landlord from being sued if a tenant or visitor becomes injured on the property. An accidental damage policy covers you for the repair costs of accidents that occur on the property. A malicious damage policy covers you for intentional inflictions of damage caused by your tenants.

Building insurance includes coverage of the actual building. Contents insurance covers the landlord’s belongings in case of a manmade or natural disaster. An alternative accommodation policy covers temporary living expenses if your residence is damaged and it’s necessary to resettle in another location.

Rent guarantee insurance is coverage for renters who do not make their payments on time or at all. This includes the costs of performing a legal eviction and filing the documents in court. Instead of obtaining this type of policy, some landlords check the income and credit scores of their tenants before signing the lease agreements


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