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Transforming Hunger into Happiness

Food insecurity means not having reliable access to adequate nutritious food or lacking the resources to purchase it. Families are also considered food insecure when their members live in hunger. Living in need leads to living in fear of starvation or having some family members eat less than they should provide for others. Sadly, many families in the US live under food insecurity, affecting the proper development of children. In Indiana alone, 726,020 people face hunger, and 225,750 are children. Considering that the average meal cost in Indiana is $2.84, we want to do our part and contribute to making a change. Even smaller contributions can make a difference!

In our continuous fight against hunger, we want to continue to support local food banks in Jasper County so that no children go to bed hungry and no parent has to sacrifice a meal. We aim to help as many families as possible, seeking to earn more than $500. We can’t do it alone, so please join us in feeding the children and their families.

To be part of this effort, we ask you to send your friends or family members into our offices for a free insurance consultation. Or, we will make a $10 donation in your name to a local charity that provides services to food-insecure families.



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